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haGalil broadcasts since 1995 and
reaches 340.000 visitors a month.

Are You interested in putting up Your banner on successful european websites? If so, don't miss "haGalil onLine", the largest european website providing information on Israel, Jewish life and faith in Europe, especially Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

Content features a lively forum and chat, educational and political content and much more, including cultural and educational events offline. haGalil is fighting the widespread lack of knowledge about Judaism, anti-Semitism and Israel, which is common across Europe. It has become known as a reliable source of accurate information.

Statistics / Mediadata

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Some statistical data:
Unique entries are approx. 40.000 a day.
Visitors 340.000 / month. PageViews 3.700.000 / month.
Alexa, the leading international ranker of websites, listed haGalil on rank 20.500. haGalil is thus one of the most popular websites in german language. (January 2006)

The information Alexa gathers on millions of websites is publicly available. Different sites can be compared. The lower the rank, the more popular the website, with #1 being the most visited site on the Internet.
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But lets not speak solely on quantity. Instead, lets have a look at the impressive list of supporters, to get an idea of the high quality of contact you may get through haGalil. haGalil is a communication platform that offers differing perceptions and opinions regarding Judaism for Jews and Non-Jews. As such haGalil has become an indispensable tool of communication with regard to its traditions and perspectives. Articles, chats and discussion panels constantly inform about Jewish life. It is the world’s largest German language Jewish heritage website.


You may be surprised, to see the very fair pricing you can get at There are mainly two models:
1st the TCP (price for a thousand contacts)
and 2nd the annual, quarterly or monthly subscription.

Further background information:

haGalil was founded to undermine the clear dominance of neo-Nazi internet content regarding such topics as Judaism, Israel, anti-Semitism or National Socialism. The idea was to produce "100 pages of truth for every page of lies and hate" in order to outrank anti-Semitic and revisionist web-pages in the internet search engines.

must continue!
Your signature to the open letter to the Federal Minister for Family Affairs and the Federal Chancelor

haGalil is a communication platform that offers differing perceptions and opinions regarding Judaism for Jews and Non-Jews. As such haGalil has become an indispensable tool of communcation with regard to its traditions and perspectives...

What can be done should be done:
The Fight Against Anti-Semitism on the Internet

Speech held at Session 4 of the OSCE-Conference on Anti-Semitism in Berlin:
Information and Awareness Raising - The Role of the Media in Conveying and Countering Prejudice...

A German-Jewish Internet Portal Combating Antisemitism

In recent years, the Internet appears to be playing into the hands of anti-Semitic propaganda. Neo-Nazis and other anti-Semitic groups use the net...

What can be done?
Anti-Semitism and new Medias

haGalil onLine - a German-Jewish Online-Magazine, as a model for the successful fight against anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet...

Het bestrijden van antisemitisme:
Opstand der Beschaafden ondermijnd

De Duitse site is de grootste en meest gevarieerde joodse internetsite van Europa. De site bericht dagelijks over het joodse leven in Duitsland, Europa en Israël, het bevat achtergrondinformatie over het jodendom, leuke koosjere inkooptips, kinderbladzijden et cetera... luidt noodklok

Achtergrond van de subsidiekorting tamelijk ondoorzichtig. Europa's grootste internetkrant op het gebied van jodendom en antisemitisme, wordt in haar voortbestaan bedreigd nu de belangrijkste bron van inkomsten, een staatssubsidie van 100.000 euro, om vooral bureaucratische redenen niet wordt toegekend...

Associazione per i popoli minacciati:
La fine per haGalil?
Lotta all'antisemitismo in Europa - Metta da parte i supposti formalismi burocratici e continui a sostenere haGalil. Questo sarebbe un modo efficace e coerente di procedere contro l'antisemitismo!...


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