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  • Online Searching (Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Judaism, Israeli Politics, History...)

OnLine Searching and Publishing

We are a new company, specialized in services for people which would like to get latest information but either don't have the time, the manpower or the know how to retrieve it.

Of course we prepare an easy to read documentation for You and if You wish so, we'll also translate the information for You (English, German, French, Czech, Russian, Hebrew).

If You'd like to have Your spot on the worldwide Internet, we'll create Your pages (something similar to what You are looking at now - I hope You like what You see for example at:

We'll tell You what is practicable and what You need for the realization of your plans. Even if You are neither Mercedes-Benz, nor the Vatican, I assure You, You still can afford it.

DataBase Development

If You'd like to have Your own Database, tailored to Your specific requirements, we'ld like to create it for You. Whether x-large or handy, let's talk about it.

Electronic Publishing

One of our favorites is the producing of Multimedia for teaching, informing, fun... If You would like to have something like it for Your special purposes just contact us, and we'll talk about it. This point should be of special interest, if You're already a publisher in printed media, as You might like to give it a try, and see what could be done with Your publications in the field of "new media".

If You are interested we'll show You examples of programs we already have made, and we can make something similar for You.

Just some examples:
*Tutorial Software for the Hebrew Language;
*Animated Films for all kinds of messages (For example: Be alert for suspicious objects, it might as well be a bomb!);
*A learning, informational and still funny tool about the history of the State of Israel, including basics from the beginning of Jewish faith;
*A program informing patients about differences in diagnosing, treating and medicating of benign or malicious prostate adenoma;
*A program about "What Diabetes is, and what you can do about it"... ...