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Largest european website providing information on Israel, Jewish life and faith in Europe, especially Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. Features forum and chat. Educational and political content.

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haGalil - a resource for intercultural information

about all aspects of Jewish life.

haGalil has many colors

haGalil onLine is a pluralist, non-dogmatic, anti-fundamentalist and all-party magazine. Here you can find a variety of different opinions. In our forums our readers discuss current issues in a controversial and committed way.

haGalil is anti-racist

 haGalil onLine writes about antisemite, racist and right-wing radical attacks as well as the "matters of course" between the lines that document racism in everyday language and daily politics.

haGalil is partial

haGalil speaks up for oppressed, disadvantaged and marginalised groups in Germany and elsewhere. We report inflammatory websites to legal institutions for consideration, archiving and in some cases for prosecution.

haGalil is the biggest Jewish online-magazine in German. haGalil is successfull

The haGalil onLine website recieves about 3 million hits per month. The number of users has increased steadily since 1995 and has now reached over 270.000 visitors per month

haGalil is balancing

haGalil provides room and publicity for all those who are seperated, discriminated and pushed to the edge of society

haGalil is pragmatic

Bans and proscription of racist and inflammatory content on the internet are no help. haGalil onLine uses 100 pages of information and thruth to outweigh one page of hate and lies. By doing that, haGalil weakens the chance of inflammatory pages to appear among the first ranks in search-engine results.

contains articles from all over the world and in many different languages about current and/or basic questions on present Jewish life and Jewish history.