haGalil onLine Support-Association founded

08-1998 Berlin - The "Förderverein haGalil" has been founded this Sunday (August 23rd 1998 / Rosh Chodesh Elul 5758). Friends and supporters of haGalil online made their way to Berlin and resolved a statute of the charity and elected an executive board. The founding members decided that the number of members of the executive board shall be five. As members of the executive board were elected Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frindte, Christoph Ludwig, Klaus Parker, Dr. Oliver Schultz and Iris Noah Weiß.

The publishers and editors of haGalil onLine will, for legal reason, not be members of the charity, but were present as guests. Legal relations between them and the charity will be regulated in a way that practically disallows the charity to influence the content or design of the service, as long as it remains within the scope of the purpose of the charitable support.

After the founding meeting, the online service and the new charity have been presented to the media.

The charity will now be registered with the register of societies and associations, which is run by the local court in Berlin-Charlottenburg. After registration, the society may call itself "registered society", in German "eingetragener Verein" or "e.V." Furthermore, the - transitional - formal recognition of the usefulness for the benefit of the public by the fiscal authorities of the Land of Berlin will be applied for, which is condition for issuing receipts for - at least in Germany - tax-deductible contributions and donations. A bank account will be opened.

Those interested persons who have been informed by E-mail until now, will receive the statute, the statute on contributions and a membership application form. Please inform us, if you need copies in English language. Other interested persons are kindly asked not to hesitate to contact the charity:

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