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What seemed impossible sixty years ago following the Shoah is now a reality – An active Jewish Community is reemerging in Germany.

The country’s Jewish population, which is surpassing 200,000, is  the most rapidly increasing in the world.  This growth has been bolstered by the immigration of Russian and Eastern European Jews but also Jewish Americans were eager to return to their geographic roots.

These talented new arrivals, together with an established Jewish community that remained after the war, are helping to shape life, culture, and society in contemporary Germany. Nonetheless, most Germans are unaware of the resurgence of Jewish life and uninformed about Judaism’s deep religious and cultural heritage and its contribution to German and world civilization. is uniquely qualified to fill this void:

  • Based in Munich and Tel Aviv, haGalil features the largest Jewish on-line social network in Europe with over 380,000 visitors per month;

  • articles are written in German and read by Jews and non-Jews alike

  • Registers Jewish (German) key words to prevent misuse by Nazi propaganda sites

  • Provides awareness and education on the Mideast from Israeli and Jewish perspectives

  • Tracks, identifies, and reports anti-Semitic activities to the German public and government

  • A trusted source of information for the German press and education system

  • Independent and does not rely on any governmental subsidies

We are making a difference, but together we can do more!

Jews first settled in Germany during the period of the Roman empire.   Though their status underwent  multiple transformations and they experienced periods of religious and civic restrictions, the Jewish community managed to flourish and regenerate in times of tolerance.   Jewish thinkers profoundly influenced the general development of philoshophy and modern scolarship.  According to Jewish teaching, the German-Jewish mingling was purposeful and benefitted humanity as a whole.  German Jews merged elements of German and Jewish culture into a unique new one,  pervading all aspects of German cultural and intellectual life.    This process abrubptly halted with the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust  -- a horrible chapter which inevitably engendered a long term schism in German-Jewish relations.

Tikun Olam, haGalil and You

Because we believe that a flourishing Jewish community, living side-by-side with our fellow Germans, can help strengthen us all as a People, our goal is to mend the rift.  We seek unification rather than division. We aim to fight anti-Semitism through education and information; our archives, available free of charge, are a source of wisdom and spiritual insights, and we draw on global publications to offer resources for healing and repair.

People, who are better educated are immunized to the message of hate and are able to stand up against lies and hate propaganda.

The Seed of German Jewry has been planted, but we need your Tax Deductible Contribution to Make it Flower is seeking individual and corporate donations and companies to advertise their products or services.

Although many German Jews track haGalil’s site, the vast majority of visitors are non Jews interested in Jewish topics that are not available in traditional German media.
haGalil is the largest independent German Jewish Web site community, supported by a non-profit organization, which is a participating member of the New York-based Foundation for Jewish Funds: Your donations will be tax deductible.

Please Help Revitalize our Community - Today!

The new Germany has given the Jewish community much to love and admire, but, regrettably, legal costs incurred in fighting  extreme Right Wing groups, which have harassed and attempted to close haGalil down, have exhausted financial resources. 

In order to continue to exist and to fulfill our goal of combating hatred and raising consciousness, we need your support.   Thank you for doing your part in donation to our cause.

Thank you. Vielen Dank. Toda Raba.